Ultra Orienteering v2
We are glad to announce the launching of the new version for the Ultra Orienteering Software. Ultra Orienteering, an open-source Software with which you can organize competitions with a tracking and timing system that can take place during one or several days, reached version 2.0. This update comes with a lot of facilities for organizers of competitions and with a new friendly interface. Currently, you can use the software with a maximum of 125 checkpoints, enough for organizing a complex sports competition where the participants can compete individually or as a team. Through this project you
Ultra Orienteering
Education has always been the most powerful weapon which people can use to change the world. The year 2016 was an eventful year for sport and eco-educational tour for the 55 clubs from Romania who have chosen to participate at the six events from the National Championship of Sport Tourism "Stafeta Muntilor" . The Stafeta Muntilor is a specialized competition, whose overall ranking is made up exclusively of evidence that can be objectively quantified and within which competitors have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate category and level of training. The participants of this year
For a green future! Promoting hikings as a way of leisure and even more, as a way of knowledge of the environment and learning about how we are going to live in a healthy way, and conducting various projects on various topics where the youngs can learn about ecology, marketing, software and web development, represents an interests to the members and the volunteers of the Mountain Hiking Association, which was founded in 2010. For those passionate about tourism and sport we have good news: it was conducted the calendar of the events which are being organized in the National Championship of Tour
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