For a green future!

For a green future!

Promoting hikings as a way of leisure and even more, as a way of knowledge of the environment and learning about how we are going to live in a healthy way, and conducting various projects on various topics where the youngs can learn about ecology, marketing, software and web development, represents an interests to the members and the volunteers of the Mountain Hiking Association, which was founded in 2010.

For those passionate about tourism and sport we have good news: it was conducted the calendar of the events which are being organized in the National Championship of Tourism Sport "Stafeta Muntilor" next year.

Seven NGOs will organize the championship Stafeta Muntilor for the fans of tourism, sport and ecology, events in various tourist locations in Romania that aim: providing a valuable addition to the profile contests organized through inclusion of a competitive system ; creating the necessarily prerequisites for developing of a common project by NGOs of youths, tourism, sport and ecology; promoting an attitude of respect towards the environment by raising awareness among the young population for the protection of ecosystems and develop their ecological spirit; to develop their team spirit and belonging to a group, and their human relationships skills; the knowledge of the tourism and sportive potential of the mountain areas from Romania.

                The calendar of the events and more information about the championship can be found on page Participation in the events is free.

                For the teachers from Romania, the Mountain Hiking Association will hold in 2017 the JUNIOR ECO project. This year the association, in partnership with 580 educational institutions has organized the largest tourism, sports and ecology project, where nearly 3,000 teachers have developed activities in the period January-August under a single name: "Eco Junior 2016".

The purpose of the project "Eco Junior 2016" was to educate children in the ecological spirit, acquiring a medium-protective attitude and involvement in eco-recreative through games.

The children involved in the 2016 Junior Eco were attending, divided in teams, at different activities depending on their age and have had learned that it is very important to work together to support each other and acquire specific skills.

More about this project can be found on its dedicated page:

The Mountain Hiking Association has tested throught the Award Ceremony of the xyz Mountain a new and original guidance system. The system has been a success and will be implemented in 2017 in the National Championship of Sport Tourism "Stafeta Muntilor", for making this competition more attractive. The guidance will be presented in 2017 on the championship's page and will be taken for free by other sport competitions from Romania.

The Mountain Hiking Association is currently supported by SC Manpres Distribution SRL,  Yli Eternit Acces SRL,, Elmo-Print, O & R Bacau, Zimbrul Carpatin Pitesti.
If you are passionate about tourism, sport and ecology and want to be part of the team, The Mountain Hiking Association invite you to join as a volunteer on


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