About the Ultra Orienteering project

Ultra Orienteering is an open source project developed by the Mountain Hiking Association, through volunteers Alexandru Canavoiu and Petronel Postolache, with which you can organize competitions of guidance that can take place in a single day or several days.

These softwares are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. International License, and can not be traded. You can help them develop through direct involvement or by sending new ideas to the producers.

Ultra Orienteering software is used with checkpoints which can be done very easily using the documentation from the site. Ultra Orienteering is an open source project.

Currently, you can use a maximum of 14 checkpoints (1 Start, 1 Finish, 12 checkpoints on the field and 1 checking Post and download UUID data in PC).

Each checkpoint is programmable and can be changed as desired (the source code for each job can be downloaded from the Downloads section). You can add a mini-printer for, in the end, each participant to receive a log with his route.


Ranking system software

Administration of clubs and of participants are no longer a problem when organizing an orientation event. With this software, you can easily manage an event that is developed in a single day or several days.


Checkpoints (stations) and UUID participants Card

Ultra Orienteering allows you to make your own single professional guidance system that you can change at will. Documentation and schemes to achieve a checkpoints (stations) are free.

Post si UUID Card

Setting The Number Of Check Post (Stations)

Easy setting with the help of a form the number of stations and their order.

Setare Statie

Verification and validation of the UUID CARD

Simple and Easy. Validation is performed using a software created in Visual Basic that will check the images from the UUID Card and display exactly the order of posts / if it reached 2 times in the same place and time between checkpoints. The datas are automatically exported to a CVS that you can later import into the Software for rankings calculation.

Post si UUID Card