The Ultra Orienteering software presented in this section can be downloaded both as a compiled executable as well as their source that are ready to be changed according to your need.

These software are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. International License, and can not be traded. You can help them develop through direct involvement or sending new ideas to the producers.


  • to run OrientingSettings and OrientingVerification you need to have installed Visual Studio Basic.
  • to be able to compile and post control Arduino IDE are needed PostVerify + libraries ARDUINO_Eeprom24C32_64-master, Arduino-DS3231, MFRC522 (see documentation).

Download Rankings Software

Ultra Orienteering Rankings Software Version 1.0

Web-based software to calculate rankings of participants, is easy to use. With this software, you can organize guidance competitions that take place in a single day or several days.

Version 1.0
05/01/2017 -23:43

Download Stations Software

Ultra Orienteering CheckPoints Code Version 1.0

Program for Checkoints (Start, P1-12, Finish) and PostVerify for CheckPoints that checks UUID participants Cards, these two codes are compiled using the Arduino IDE.

- PostControl - For the ground Stations (Start P1-12 Finish).
- PostVerify - For the Station that is used to verify the UUID Cards and download in the PC.
Version 1.0
06/01/2017 -00:10

Download Checking Software

Ultra Orienteering CheckPoints and Verification of UUID Card Software Version 1.0

The programs are written in C# and you can open and run with Visual Basic. 

The OrientingSettings program is for setting the number of each Point and with the help of OrientingVerification it will export / verify the data from each UUID Card in the PC.

Version 1.0
06/01/2017 -00:35