Scheme and list of components

How to realize a CheckPoint Ultra Orienteering (scheme and list of components) and the UUID of the Competitor

To realize a Ultra Orienteering CheckControl you need the following components:

1. Arduino Nano Atmega328P 16MHz 5V (see image)
2. RFID RC522 (see image)
3. RTC DS3231 AT24C32 ( + baterie CR2032 ) (see image)
4. Active Buzzer 5V (see image)
5. RGB LED, common cathode, 5mm, 4pin (see image)
6. DC-DC Boost Step-up 1-5V to 5V (see image)
7. Battery holders 3xAA (see image)
8. Box 100*68*50 (see image)
9. Proximity silicone bracelet with metallic buckle, with MIFARE chip (13.56MHz) (see image)
10. Support for components (made at 3d printer) (see image)